Aspire ZQ Vi Pod System Kit is the first vaping devices that uses CSA technology and perfect for general juice, CBD oil and nicotine salt e-liquid.

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Aspire ZQ Vi Pod Kit adopted the CSA (cellular spiral airflow) technology, the cellular spiral airflow system which guides the airflow through the honeycomb mesh, thus the puff of the air comes into the cartridge coil with organic cotton. In this way, you can experience the smooth flavor. 

Aspire ZQ Vi Pod Kit 4 colors

Also, Aspire ZQ VI kit has not any burning problem. Equipped with the Magnetic connectors, the ZQ VI Pod Kit is easy to replace and refill the e-juice. With the silicone snap seal, there is not any leakage problem. 

Aspire ZQ Vi Pod Kit can adjust the voltage

Included the airflow activation and manual key operation makes a perfect ZQ Vi Pod for you. There are two voltage-adjustable modes, the constant voltage mode can reach to 3.5V output and full power output mode fire up to 4.2V for different people are based on their juice. 

Aspire ZQ Vi Pod Kit suitable 3 types of ejuice

The ZQ Vi Pod Kit adopts intelligent smart chip protection system with multiple protection modes(Overcharge protection, Overload Protection, Short-circuit Protection, ESD Protection, High-temperature Protection, Over-discharge Protection) for vaping safety.

Aspire ZQ Vi Pod Kit CSA tecnology

Aspire ZQ Vi Pod Kit Features and Specs:
   Firstly adopts CSA technology(cellular spiral airflow) for sufficient atomization
   Ultra smooth airflow and great flavor
   Supports 3.5V constant voltage mode and 4.2V full power output mode
   Convenient air switch with manual key operation
   2ml magnetic pod for general juice, CBD oil and nicotine salt
   1.4ohm organic cotton coil for great flavor
   Size: 85.7*34*14.4mm
   Battery Capacity: 650mAh
   Wattage: 7-13W
   Pod Capacity: 2ml
   Coil: Organic Cotton Coil
   Resistance: 1.4ohm

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P.S. ZQ pioneers the CSA(Cellular Spiral Airflow) technology, honeycomb and spiral airflow design make the air flow more smooth, the air flow evenly flows into the atomization coil, fully enveloping the atomization coil, thus binging a sufficient atomization effect, bringing an unprecedented delicate taste experience.