Asvape HITA is the first mechanical mod design pod kit, supports RBA coil and 510 atomizers. The exploration of vaping boundaries.

Asvape HITA is a mechanical mod design pod kit, Aluminum anodizing gives it a tough and steady appearance.  As the pod generation comes. mechanical mods faded though it once makes vapers crazy. However, we never forget the experience. Those inornate individuality designs really impressed us a lot! Can you imagine if one device bonds pod and mechanical design together? Here HITA comes a pod device based on a mechanical mod design. The exploration of vaping boundaries. the combination of mech mod and pod. The liberation of power and speed. Embrace the new vaping experience with new possibilities.


Reekbox knows your coil: The intelligence chipset REEKBOX developed by Asavpe, which can automatically identify different coil resistance and match the best output power.


The green light flashes 3 times continuously when cartridge connects well with the device; the green light is on when inhaling means battery power is over 50%; when charging, the green light will be constant on.

The white light is on when inhaling means battery power is under 50%;

The red light flashes 3 times means low battery; if there is no cartridge or the cartridge doesn't connect well with the device, the red light flashes 5 times continuously; if the cartridge short-circuited, the red light flashes 8 times continuously and the device will stop working;

Hita will stop working and the light will be off when inhaling over 5 seconds continuously; the light will be off when the battery is fully charged.


5 protection modes for security: low voltage protection, inhaling overtime protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection

Large battery: the battery contains 1000mAh which can easily support your long term requirement;

Type-C fast charging port: faster and safer, extra-long battery life, 1 hour can be fully charged;

Replaceable 510 mouthpiece: 510 mouthpiece can better analyze and restore the flavor and make it a better taste, the mouthpiece can be replaced according to your preference.

Asvape HITA Mech Pod Kit 510 mouthpiece

Asvape HITA Battery Specs:
   Size: 25*92mm
   Weight: 50g
   Battery capacity: 1000mAh
   Output power: 5-30W
   Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
   Charging current: 1A
   Charging Voltage: 5V
   Resistance range: 0.3-3Ohm

Asvape HITA Cartridge Specs:
   Size: 24*32mm
   Weight: 14g
   Cartridge capacity: 3ml(2ml for TPD version)
   Coils resistance: 0.5Ohm for DTL, 1.0Ohm for MTL

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