Inspired by the baroque style of Europe in 17th Century, ZETA MTL RTA blended with the brand elements of ASVAPE. Buy Asvape Zeta MTL RTA with best price.

Asvape Zeta MTL RTA 2 colors

Asvape Zeta RTA is an innovative MTL RTA tank with 22mm diameter and 2.5ml e-juice capacity. Designed for the best MTL vaping, the Asvape Zeta comes with a slim drip tip, unique ceramic chamber and a postless deck with a ceramic gasket which supports easy single coil building and brings optimal flavor for you. Its cigarette-style drip tip will bring you a very special vaping experience. Plus the adjustable bottom airflow control system, the Asvape Zeta RTA will bring your vaping experience to an unprecedented level! 

Asvape Zeta MTL RTA is mainly made of food-grade stainless steel and PEEK material is also applied for heat insulation. Its diameter is 22mm, enabling it to match with most of the mods in the market.

Asvape Zeta MTL RTA Components

ZETA MTL RTA applies to high nicotine salt e-liquid. Recommended values are: 8-12 W, Resistance 1. 2-1. 5Ω, Airflow hole closed.(The content of high nicotine salt e-juice is generally above 35mg.) Just get the Zeta and enjoy a happy vaping.

Asvape Zeta MTL RTA Apperance and Deck

Asvape Zeta MTL RTA Features and Specs:
   Ceramic build desk, full atomization, smooth and delicate taste
   Updated airflow control system, more accurate airflow control
   Combined with wise structures and selected materials, ZETA MTL RTA performs well
   Positive insulation employs PEEK, high temperature and wear resistance
   Food-grade stainless steel appearance, protect healthy breathe
   Airflow screws replaceable
   Cigarette-style drip tip
   Support high salt nicotine
   2.5ml capacity to meet your needs
   High quality stainless steel material for long service time
   Size: 22mm*41.8mm
   E-liquid capacity:2.5ml
   Airflow Hole: 1 (8.8*1.2)
   Positive electrode: SS Gold Plated 
   Base: Ceramic Base & Ceramic Heating Chamber

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P.S. MTL is a vaping style usually preferred by ex-smokers and it is designed for high nicotine or nicotine salts e-liquid with a restricted airflow to mimic smoking. Also as the nicotine level is high these tanks generally run at lower power with a high resistance coil.