FreeCool N800 Prefilled Pod Kit can last up to 3 days with average use (200 puffs per day) on a single charge.

FreeCool N800 Pod Kit

Freecool N800 has perfectly combines superior performance with long-term endurance that provides powerful 800mAh battery capacity. N800 can last up to 3 days with average use (200 puffs per day) on a single charge.

FreeCool N800 Pod Kit Features

With the power range from 6W to 25W, the DC MTL coil gives off a smooth hit and does not require ultra high wattage for great performance. The dual-coil design brings more intense and subtle taste, which is perfect for MTL lovers to enjoy the purest flavor. The DC MTL coil is made of stainless steel which has a high resistance to corrosion and is less prone to rust, making it more suitable for contacting with e-liquid.

It's hard to notice the tiny LED indicator on the body of N800, as it's a stealth one which will show up when you need it. The battery level status is at your fingertips via three colors of light (green, orange and red). It will flicker once when the pod is inserted, and flicker 5 times when short circuit occurs.

Several grooves are ingeniously added around the body of electrode, so that the condensate generated during vaping is temporarily locked in these grooves, meaning you can feel free to enjoy N800 and forget about the condensate. As for the air induction hole, it's on one side of the U-shaped airflow channel and protrudes from the electrode plane, eliminating the occurrence of contactless puffs.

FreeCool N800 Pod Kit U Shaped Airflowg

Two air slots are designed on both sides of the top of the device to form a bilateral U-shaped airflow channel, which greatly increases the air inflow and brings more smooth taste.

N800 is compact and portable with a length of 88mm (8.8cm).The exterior of the N800 pod system is finished using the in-mould labelling (IML) technique to assure optimum finish. Carbon fiber patterns are available in four colors to ensure a better hand feel and visual effect.

FreeCool N800 Pod Kit Price: $34.9, Buy FreeCool N800 Pod Kit From Here.

There are 7 flavors you can choose:

Mint Ice has a fresh, slightly sweet and tangy fragrance with a strong menthol aroma. 

Tobacco,  a premium blend of exquisitely enriched tobacco with flavorful vanilla ice cream. 

Mango Ice, a perfectly balanced blend of mango that delivers a fresh mango juice like taste with a cold sensation. 

Lychee Ice, a sweet lychee taste is mingled with an exciting breeze of chilling ice which lingers in your mouth for full satisfaction. 

Purple Berry, a perfect blend of sourness of blueberry, the tingling of raspberry, the crunchy juiciness of grapes and the sweetness of strawberry. 

Mango, a recipe from the tropical gods – be tempted by delicious, sweet and cool mango! Mint Ice, a fresh-tasting blend of mint featuring a strong mint flavor that creates an icy cool aftertaste with each inhales and exhales alike. 

There are 2 flavors: Mango and Purple Berry are packaged with the kit.