iJoy capo 216 SRDA Squonker BF Kit is a must have vaping device, here is a decent deal for those looking to get a squonk setup.


Metal and glass have become the prevailing choice of materials for most e-cig devices, and the iJoy CAPO 216 Squonker Kit thankfully joins that trend. It looks clean, refined, and sturdy. In back, the aluminum body is interrupted only by the fire key and the Squonker setup. You will love the huge fire button and the squonk location seems to be well-sited for ergonomics. Also, I'm glad the back looks so casual, yet classy, as flipping the device over reveals a similarly handsome face.


IJOY CAPO 216 SRDA KIT is the first and smallest dual 20700 Squonk KIT which consists of the CAPO 216W BF mod and the COMBO SRDA Tank. Long battery life, stylish, personalized fire button and adjustable buttons, convenient battery cover with lock design, OLED large display, 5-216W high power adjustable, simple and safe operation. CAPO216 enable you to fit an atomizer up to 25 mm diameter on it without overhang. The positive 510 pin is gold-plated and spring-mounted. We haven’t encounter any connectivity problems yet. USB fast charging support. Adopt environmentally friendly silicone + transparent ABS hard and soft combination of special squonk bottle, effectively prevent accidental squeeze leaks when disassembling!


The COMBO SRDA can be disassembled, cleaned and replace the cotton with special wrench equipped to achieve the purpose of repeated use. This tank features a semi-rebuildable system allowing vapers to change between pre-made coil and rebuildable decks. Have options between up to 4 rebuildable decks and two types of coils for an incredible experience in any which way you prefer. Along with an Ultem top cap and adjustable airflow control, with the addition of a squonk pin, you’ll love this pairing of the SRDA and Capo 216 Squonk Mod.


iJoy Capo 216 SRDA Squonker Kit Features and Specs:

iJoy Capo 216 SRDA BF Mod Features:

Maximum output: 216W

Size: 45 x 51 x 83mm

Battery Type: Dual 20700/18650 batteries

Battery door snap-fit design

Squonk bottle is easy assembly and diaassembly

Large OLED screen

Fashionable and colorful appearance The advantage compared with other squonk mod: safe, powerful and long battery life

iJoy COMBO SRDA Features: 

Size: 25 x 33.3mm

Thread: 510 thread

Drip Tip: 810 Ultem drip tip


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