Hangsen IQ OVS Pod Kit is nice and elegant, it looks very discreet, but it's the Stealth vaping device.

Hangsen IQ OVS Pod Kit 3 colors

Hangsen IQ OVS Pod Kit is a humble technological advancement in vaping technology. Utilizing a similar pod system as many have come to know with the new Salt Nicotine craze that has hit the industry, this simple Cigalike takes it a step further by utilizing a spring loaded locking system to ensure that the device holds together when pocketed while also maintaining an airtight seal. The IQ OVS utilizes a modest 600mAh battery operating with 2Ω (ohm) coils to produce a fantastic all-day device without sacrificing for charge times.

From the top, you get to go ahead and pull your pod out, fill it up right here from the bottom, you want to get up in there, fill it up right there from the bottom. It’s nice and tinted so you’ve got discretion on your vape. Go ahead and pop it back in after you fill it up, ready to vape, go ahead and pop it back out. 

Hangsen IQ OVS is nice and elegant, it looks very discreet, but it’s the Stealth mod, that’s what Hangsens' team are going with; all of their pod systems are based around stealth. You want to be able to pull this out in any public environment, be able to vape it comfortable, and be able to do what you gotta do and keep it moving. No big clouds to interrupt anybody’s conversation, you’re not intrusive to anybody, your immediate area. So this is what we’re all about; IQ is about vaping smart, vaping on the go, and necessarily just knowing when to vape, how to vape around certain social circles that might not be privy to it.

Hangsen IQ OVS Pod Kit Specifications:
   Resistance: 2Ω ohm
   Voltage: 3.7V
   Battery: 600 mAh
   Color: Black
   Charging: USB DC 5V
   Max Charging Current: 800mA

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