Squonking is officially taking the world by storm and there are kinds of squonker released in 2018, let me list the top 5 for you.

Top 5 Squonker Mod/Kit in 2018

Squonk mods use a built-in, but removable plastic or silicone juice reservoir to feed e-juice to an attached BF RDA. Squonk mods have actually been around for quite some time but have only recently hit the mainstream. They are similar to mech mods since they also have no regulation or adjustable features, but some do.

Unregulated squonkers are providing the atomizer with the raw power of the battery depending on the resistance of the build. Users have to build according to their batteries’ safety limits using Ohm’s law and battery safety knowledge. Some of the massively produced unregulated squonk mods come with built-in protections that will prevent shorts and potentially dangerous user errors, but others are in essence mechanical mods and carry no such protections.

Regulated squonk mods come with fully-featured VW/VV chipsets that let the user pick the wattage or voltage they wish to go with. The majority of them come with a wide array of safety features and eliminate most of the concerns regarding battery safety. They are generally considered the safest option when it comes to squonking — and the only viable option if you are a temperature-control vaper.

Squonking is officially taking the world by storm.  A squonker is a special type of vape mod with a built-in bottle containing e-liquid. It allows you to pump e-juice into your wicks and coils on demand. They are also known as bottom-fed devices because the liquid is fed upwards through the bottom of the atomizer.

Let me list the top squonk mod in 2018

Dovpo Topside Squonk Mod is designed in collaboration with TVC (The Vapor Chronicles Youtube Channel). Topside is a gorgeous, single battery squonk mod that will fire at up to 90W. Moreover, the Topside is the world’s first squonker that can be refilled without having to remove the bottle. In the performance department, the Topside is a real contender for the best regulated squonk mod available. To start, the fire times are near instant. Once you hit that fire button, you’re getting power. The easy of filling or swapping the bottle, combined with the great battery efficiency and performance make the Topside one of the best regulated squonk mods.

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Dovpo Topside Squonk Mod Components

Revenant Delta squonk Kit is a collaboration between TVL(The Vape Lounge) and Revenant Vape and is manufactured by Vaporesso. Delta is a single 20700/21700 (or 18650 with adapter) regulated squonk mod that houses Vaporesso’s OMNI 4.0 board and fires up to 100 watts. The OMNI board performs as one would expect. Rapid firing, proper resistance readings, and certainly hits at or around the max wattage listed. It also features a very innovative squonk mechanism, using a button instead of a soft bottle, and a practical push-to-fill (PTF) design that allows you to fill the squonk bottle without removing it from the device. The bottle fits 6.5 mL of juice and doesn’t have to be removed to fill: a hole on the bottom of the bottle allows filling it by pressing the tip of any pointed e-liquid bottle. 

P.S. Revenant Delta is the second squonker that can be refiiled without haveing to remove the bottle.

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Revenant Delta squonk kit Structure

Desire Rage Squonk Mod is a collaboration between Desire Designs and Ohmboy. The Rage Squonk has a three button design with an intuitive mounted display screen that displays the essential factors that vapers need to see. The Rage Squonk supports Nickel, SS316, Titanium, and Bypass mode. The 7ml squonk bottle is housed on the front of the device and can be removed by a small notch, atop the squonk bottle features a knurled threaded cap. The Ohm Boy X Desire Rage Squonk 155W TC Box Mod is definitely a great device to pick up for the pure power and the pleasing aesthetic look! 

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Ohm Boy X Desire Rage 155W Squonk Mod Specs

Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Mod is a follow-up collaboration from Vandy Vape and Tony Brittan from The Vapor Trail YouTube channel. The Pulse is lightweight, customizable – thanks to the replaceable panels – compatible with two battery types and downright cheap for what it offers. The simple yet effective safety switch is a good and works extremely well and the innards are refreshingly clean and tidy. It makes squonking a lot more affordable without compromising on performance, so both the Chinese company and Tony B deserve huge props for their work. 

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Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Mod

Lost Vape Drone DNA250C BF Squonk Mod is the brand new squonker mod, presenting a beautifully crafted chassis design. The Drone BF utilizes Evolv's premier DNA 250 Chipset with down-throttled power, featuring an incredible 97% output efficiency rating, tremendous range from 1 to 167 watts, full temperature control with wide range of heating elements, and coupled with Escribe software for the ultimate technology that combines efficiency, capability, and range. Presenting unmatched combination of the latest output technology with sophisticated chassis designs that supports squonk-ready atomizer. The new Drone DNA250C Squonk Mod comes with much light weight design for comfortable hand-feeling.

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Lost Vape Drone BF DNA250C Squonk Mod

Which one is the best squonk mod/kit in 2018 in your opinion? Just leave your comment.