VAPORESSO OSMALL is an affordable pod system kit with pure flavor and compact size.

Vaporesso OSMALL Pod System Kit: compact size

Using the optimal POD to give the purest tasting experience through the ultra-smooth vapor, VAPORESSO OSMALL speaks out the true flavor of your e-juice without deviation. Featuring the capabilities of both recharging and refilling within a compact size, the convenience has just been taken into the next level.

Vaporesso OSMALL Pod System Kit: 5 safty guards

Stay pleasant at the moment: Adopting the 1.2Ω coil developed with new flax cotton and non-woven fabrics, the OSMALL delivers extremely fresh and pure flavor by every puff.

Pursue the Minimalism: Designed in a small body with impressive hand feeling. Holding it by fingers to touch the art of minimalism.

Vaporesso OSMALL Pod System Kit: Pure flavor

Vaporesso OSMALL Pod System Kit Specs and Features:  
   Dimensions: 84.2x26.5x13.4mm  
   POD Capacity: 2ml  
   Resistance: 1.2Ω  
   Battery Capacity: 350mAh  
   Output Power: 11W   
   Dense & smooth Vapor  
   Fresh & Pure Flavor  
   High Nicotine Delivery  
   Ultra-compact Design  
   Textured Surface  
   Perfect Grip

It's only $13.99.